Our Services

Laser Cutting

Highlighting our sheet metal processing capabilities are our CNC laser cutters.

CNC Forming

Whether simple flanges or an intricate transition, Miller Metal offers a diverse ability to form many different types of bends and materials.

CNC HD Plasma Cutting

As an alternative to sheet and plate cutting, Miller Metal offers CNC HD Plasma cutting for parts with non-critical dimensions.

CNC Punching

For years, MillerMetal has offered CNC punching as an affordable way to process sheet metal.

Design Engineering

With our CAD capabilities, we are able to turn sketches, prints and ideas into 2D or 3D workable parts that can be processed.

Welding & Fabrication

MillerMetal offers in-house MIG and TIG welding for carbon steel, stainless, aluminum and galvanized applications.


Rounding out our ability to offer turnkey products, MillerMetal offers a wide range of CNC machining services.